Our students

Muhammad Faisal Shafiq, MD
I'm excited with Medmastery resources and have found them extremely helpful. These have accelerated my learning and has generated such high level of interest that I may say that "I'm in love with these courses". Very high quality and well-thought of content by highly professional and passionate teachers. It's a treat for me. I strongly recommend them to my colleagues and students. Thanks a lot for the facilitation.
Sireesha Upadhrasta, MD
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire team of medmastery for your work on the educational videos. I have tried many other online lecture series before, but medmastery is exceptional. The videos are of great quality, time length is just right and most importantly, answer the most clinically relevant question. I am a PGY-4 chief resident and I hope to pursue a career in the field of Cardiology. I have to say, I have seen all the cardiology lectures and have truly enjoyed the unique learning experience, special mention to the ECHO essentials and EKG lectures.
Michael Marchiano, MD
I have been a physician reviewer of CME courses for five years. I am an expert in evaluating different presentation strategies tailored to the busy practicing clinician. I have reviewed a large proportion of Medmastery's courses and workshops. Medmastery, hands down, delivers on all accounts offering practical knowledge delivered in a way like no other in my opinion. To quote Albert Einstein, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Medmastery fulfils this and much more with their visually rich content and the mechanics of delivery. Medmastery's courses will definitely boost the proficiency of your clinicians. Highly recommend!
I just want to convey my sincerest thank you to the great minds behind Medmastery! You guys have the knowledge and teach extremely well. I benefited a lot from your lessons! My sincerest thank you. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to many more useful videos from you and your team.
Roshan Brito
Thanks for your update and transparency. I just adore all the Medmastery courses and I can’t thank everyone at Medmastery enough for all the brilliant and diligent work that must be done to create such engaging content.
Dominique Pennick
Being a veterinarian, a radiologist and an educator, I explored your Medmastery platform. The technical and pedagogic expertise of your team for supporting such tool seems amazing! The concept is really well thought through and the delivery is very professional.
Ryan Thompson
I have been studying with your resources for a while now and can safely say that they are by far the best educational tools I have found. I am leaps ahead because of this and want to continue your cardiology and resuscitation as well as electrolyte class. In time I hope to make my way through them all. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to sharing your knowledge. I have inspired many medical students here in NZ to look at your program as they seem surprised at how a second year nurse was able to gain such knowledge in such a short time. I put your learning into practice not only in the hospital but also on he ambulance where I volunteer as well. My seniors there have also noticed my new skills and routinely engage me on patient assessment.
Scharazard Gray, MD
I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the courses I have reviewed thus far are outstanding. Your teaching method of putting concepts into small pieces which are reinforced and built upon with problems of increasing complexity works for me. I particularly like the simple structured approach to problems. It helps to bring a certain order to problem solving. So far, I have only taken the first EKG course and acid base solutions. I plan to go through at least half the courses. This is an excellent value on so many levels. I will upgrade to your premium product in a month or two in order to take advantage of the CME’s. Just wanted to give you a bit of feed back. I thank you and your team.
Richard Van Tooren, MD
I enjoyed and found Dr. Tainter’s lectures to be very informative and the quizzes help to strengthen the information presented in the lectures. Love the illustrations.
Alireza F.
These are really great videos by great instructors. They go through a lot of information in a very little time. Compared to the regular education we get in med schools this is both compact and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend it.
Maria G.
Hello! Thank You for Acid-base course last weekend. Very helpfull! I am an anaesthesia and intensive care resident and i have to admit it was a headache interpreting data in few seconds. Also, love your Thursday email! You are doing a great job!
Muralikrishna Porandla
I really like what you are doing and your materials and videos helped along my path of achieving internal medicine residency in US. I hope it goes a long way. Thanks.
I actually think that your website is great with a lot of clinically relevant educational material taught in an exceptionally original and interesting way. I have really enjoyed the courses I took up till now. Due to my work, I do not, at the moment, have enough time to dedicate on more courses. I do however plan on resubscribing in the future for more courses.
Olga M.
Your new course on hepatitis is brilliant by the way, and just what I need right now. So I’ve completed it with great pleasure.
Emmanuel O.
The Medmastery resource site is phenomenal from the few videos of watched. I am yet to subscribe fully and am working towards that soonest so I can have unlimited access to the various materials.
Pranav Rohit Kasinath Madhurabharatula
Learning with Medmastery was one of the most rewarding times of my life. I am looking forward to completing my exams and subscribing for a full year. Medmastery is a brilliant platform and I am very pleased with the dedication to education you guys show.
Basma H.
Thanks a lot for caring about our opinion. It is the most helpful, easy and interesting educational website I have ever seen. Thanks a lot!
Nice to come across such extremely effective teaching method! Especially useful if one is attempting to refresh earlier lessons. Commendable job! Keep them coming!
Sarah Street, PhD
Hello Medmastery team. Just wanted to say thank you for such an excellent resource. I am so excited to make my way through all of these fantastic courses. Before going to medical school I was a PhD physiologist that actually taught physiology to medical students. I dabbled in some online platforms for my teaching. This stuff you are doing is completely next level. Thank you for making it affordable and accessible.
Troels Bang, MD
Just want to say thanks for an inspiring Medmastery. I have worked as a senior consultant for more than a decade, nevertheless I still can learn a lot from your program.
Keramida Kalliopi
Keramida Kalliopi, PhD
Practical, quick, enlightening. This course answered all my questions like no other teacher or book! Try it! It will change the way you interpret the ECG forever!
Tarek Mazzawi
Tarek Mazzawi, MD
ECG Mastery has improved my self-confidence in interpreting any ECG. This course is definitely the best ECG course I have ever taken, and I would strongly recommend it to all medical doctors.
Godsent Isiguzo
This has been a very interesting and engaging series. Thanks for the mentorship, I am exceedingly grateful and will spread the word.
Ernesto Cheriff
Ernesto Cheriff, MD
Prior to ECG Mastery I spent way too much time and effort learning useless academic information... I felt that I needed something more related to REAL life!
Osman Ahmed, MD
This course gives you exactly what you need to master all the secrets of the ECG. It has been made easy, simple, practical and clinically oriented.
Ryan H.
Ryan H., MD
This course takes out the pain that comes with learning a new subject and instead makes it fun.
A. B. Atuchukwu, MD
I have read many books on ECG. I have attended courses on ECG including online programs, but none approximates this ECG Mastery course. It has deepened my understanding of this subject in away that is already impacting on my clinical practice. The way you teach makes learning easy and a fun. I am eager to recommend it to anyone who is eager to master the interpretation of ECGs and its clinical applications. On a side note, I am awaiting to sign up for more training materials from Medmastery at the earliest opportunity.
Ivana Begic, MD
I recommend the ECG Mastery program wholeheartedly to a wide medical audience. It is well-suited for beginners as well for advanced ECG practitioners. Tutorials are easily understood and above all presented in a dynamic and interesting manner. It just motivates you to go on and on with your ECG education. Looking forward to new projects. Just great, I love it, a lot of fun, easy to understand, yes, that's how it should actually be...
Sandra Radcliff
Sandra Radcliff, MD
This course will teach you the ECG through mentorship and practice, no technical nitty-gritty, no focus on theoretic detail. Great job, I highly recommend it.
Georgi Minchev
I've had great pleasure to participate in the course. The simple facts and explanations are very useful in our everyday practice! Thank You!
Abdisalam Abdi, MD
I am really very delighted at this ECG course. It's a very valuable asset! It was very concise and well focused in very practical way.
Rana Kundu, MD
This ECG course is a masterpiece. It has been made so easy and simple. The basic fundamentals of ECG have been explained so nicely.
Katya Mollova, MD
ECG Mastery is a brilliant course. From experts to beginners and advanced ECG readers - they will experience an aha-moment when they go through the materials. Everyone can realise in this course that learning the ECG can be a great pleasure and at the same time enormously helpful in our clinical practice. Splendid. Powerful. You are brilliant. Thank you so much.
John B. Waits, MD
After much searching, I’ve finally found the ECG training course designed with the learner in mind. The videos are clear and helpful. While they don’t assume massive amounts of prior knowledge, neither do they leave you at an elementary level but push you quickly to expertise. Perhaps most importantly, after every 5-8 minutes of instruction, you are tested with 10-15 sample ECGs and guided practice questions. It’s just the perfect ECG training resource. I’ve used it personally and, as a Family Medicine Residency Director, have invested in this curriculum for our residents.
Juliaty Eds
I really wish I had an ECG course this good back when I was in med school. It's so great! Thank you so much!
Lola Rakhimdjanova, MD
Super!! I have no words! I am ashamed to say that this is the first explanation about the leads which I can fully understand without any need to refer to another source. Great work! I completed medical university many years ago but still had difficulties understanding the leads. I didn't have time to look properly into the topic and didn't have a good explanation source. The Yellow Belt section is a real treasure for those who don't have time for long educational activities, because it gives them a confidence within no time! It's amazing how this confidence is growing each day! Thank you for your great work, your team is bringing a real help to the medical society. You did it all. Thanks a lot.
Farzane Barzkar
Great! I'm a med student and I've learnt so much from your courses.... Thank you so much. Best of luck! :)
Tsogzol Dorji
Your lectures are very helpful and easy to apply in clinical practice. Thank you.
Ahmad Shoaib, MD
This course is designed in a very unique fashion, a great blend of traditional and modern teaching styles. If you want to become a "Master of ECG" without reading detailed text books, go for this online course, trust me you will not be disappointed. Wonderful site and great fun. I enjoyed it a lot. Very unique style of teaching. I love it. Fantastic!
Amina Durodola
Thanks so much for the great work. Please keep up the excellent job, and be assured that you have started a global lifesaving movement as you make doctors and other caregivers better at what they do.
Maria P.
Maria P.
After attending this course, I consistently outperformed my peers in ECG exams and during case discussions.
Eftychis Vittorakis
Thank you so much for the extraordinary learning experience! You rock!
Kero Wass
Many thanks for your great role in education.
Rosie Beles
The course was very helpful and a great learning experience. The quizzes were exceptional and a great learning resource as well. This is a great course and you are great people.
Virgilio de Asa Jr, MD
Like most doctors I have studied numerous books and attended many lectures but this is by far the most concise and informative ECG course I have encountered. It is effortless in learning and practical in approach. This course teaches you ECG interpretation, reinforces your ECG skills and definitely promotes you to mastering the ECG. It is such a great course and I enjoyed going through it.
Zulfiqar Ahmed, MD
It was a great pleasure to go through your course. I really appreciate it and recommend it to everyone who wants to learn the ECG. With this online course you do not need any real-life teachers, it will serve as your mentor in and of itself. You will be helping your patients a lot after this simple short and comprehensive ECG course. Thanks!
Yura Mareev
The ECG course is wonderful.
Dorothee Bail, PhD
With the ECG mastery course you learn in a playful manner – it is fun. The ECG course is excellent for beginners and experienced persons. So far I thought ECG could only be taught and learned with an experienced person. All books are too complicated. With the course you learn in a playful manner – it is fun. That's not possible with book. I have already recommended it further.
Bou Beia Tshinanu
Best ECG Training, Hi Franz and team! Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to learn the ECG from you. I enjoyed this course! Even someone who has never learned the ECG can follow the steps...Simply practical! This course has been a great experience for me! I am so grateful. You cannot imagine how many people you've helped me save with this knowledge. I learned the ECG in medical school but I was not practicing much thereafter. Now that I am doing internal medicine, I have tried to study the ECG again from books and the internet...it was so difficult, I think I needed someone to restart my knowledge from zero and I got it from this website! The fact sheets are well done and very useful for our daily practice. The expert solutions of the ECG cases are the best. Step-by-step and easy to understand. Thanks for this ECG training, it is the best I ever had.
Theo Rosales
Thanks! This is so helpful... Looks so nice and easy. Hope to see more samples. Can't wait to watch the next modules. Great job Franz & team!
Petrica Ciobanca
Thank you so much for the extraordinary learning experience! You rock!
Ka Wah-Li, MD
Previously, I wasted so much time on ECG books, which are difficult to understand and remember. Now there is a much better way. ECG Mastery is an easy way of learning ECG in a short period of time. I highly recommend it.
Mehmet K. Çelenk, MD
This comprehensive course by the folks at Medmastery is truly an excellent introduction to both basic as well as advanced electrocardiography. Essential concepts are presented in a clear and entertaining way. You’ll certainly not get bored while taking the course. I also liked the frequent inclusion of Expert Comments. The course taker can enormously benefit from seeing how a Master analyses the ECG. Comparing one’s solution to that of the Master is a boon. Highly recommended.
Michele Escande Orthlieb, MD
Bonjour Franz, cannot talk about ECG without thinking of Einthoven the Genius who unlocked the secrets of science. Thank you for your very nice and educational ECG course.
Maria del Mar
Thank you very much for this great course. I had a little idea of ECG and the Yellow Belt felt easy - I love the idea of an ECG cookbook, to follow steps to do it right. The Blue Belt was totally new for me although I had tried to read and understand most of the rhythms. Again thank you. I will continue to practice because that is how you master this art.
Hassan Almaateeq
Thanks. I'm amazed how you guys make medicine easy! I hope teaching in medicine will be all digital one day. Thanks again.
Ibrahim Aliyu, MD
It was a wonderful course, very informative and easy to follow, better than any handbook. I hope we can also have a chapter on pediatric ECG in the future. However, we as pediatricians can already get a lot of benefits from this program, because we also need this knowledge in older children and adolescents. So thank you so much! Thank you for this wonderful course. I have learnt a great deal of ECG, which certainly will be of immense assistance in patient care. I have successfully completed the Yellow and Blue Belt sections; hopefully waiting for the Black Belt. Thank you!
Gaurav Kapoor, MD
I've been desperately waiting for an ECG course like this.
Nchafatso Obonyo, MD
I'm really enjoying the ECG Mastery course -- it is very useful for me as I am currently involved in looking after patients with heart disease as well as clinical research at the Kenya Medical Research Institute.
José Carlos Moreno Samos, MD
The ECG Mastery program is the perfect way to achieve an expert level in ECG. It's a complete course full of video tutorials, exercises, quizzes and textbooks. You will learn progressively without any effort. Especially lessons 2 and 3 (of the Blue Belt) about tachycardia with both narrow and broad QRS are just great. Congrats! Highly recommended!
Nato Chubinidze
This course is very simple, easy to understand and put to use in practice. Thank you very much.
César Ferreira, MD
Many thanks Franz and team! Congratulations for the excellent work you did in constructing a great tool and method that makes it easy to learn the ECG. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and develop their ECG skills. I am very grateful for the teaching and knowledge you shared.
Bulungu Tshinanu
Bulungu Tshinanu, MD
Hi Franz and team! Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to learn the ECG from you. I enjoyed this course! Even someone who has never learned the ECG can follow the steps... Simply practical! This course has been a great experience for me! I am so grateful. You cannot imagine how many people you've helped me save with this knowledge. I learned the ECG in medical school but I was not practising much thereafter. Now that I am doing internal medicine, I have tried to study the ECG again from books and the internet... it was so difficult, I think I needed someone to restart my knowledge from zero and I got it from this website! The fact sheets are well done and very useful for our daily practice. The expert solutions of the ECG cases are the best. Step-by-step and easy to understand. Thanks for this ECG training, it is the best I ever had.
Besim H. Guda, MD
Dear friends, I have really enjoyed your course. Even though I am a cardiologist and most topics covered in this course I have learned before from very "difficult books," your course is something new. It is not only a new way of learning, more importantly, it is a new way of remembering all facts. Thanks.
Amr Abdelghany, MD
Excellent and to the point. Really nice work.
Adedeji Adebayo, MD
This ECG course has all the appeal of a modern practical course, combining the simplicity of excellent practicality and sufficient comprehensiveness to appeal to all and sundry--from the rookies to the highly experienced who need a reminder on some parts of practical ECG analysis. I recommend this course to all! Thanks so much. This is well appreciated.